Content Marketing Results: Case Studies, Blog Posts, and Social


After being promoted to Marketing Manager at Transmet and a completed company rebrand in 2016, I shifted the focus to producing high quality content in 2017. Throughout the year we produced PDF case studies, updated blog content, and content on social media.

Consistent, quality content on top of the work we were doing in other areas of the business led to improvements in 2017.

  • Case Study views grew 418%
  • Website Users grew 412%
  • Inbound Sales Leads grew 124%


Before and After Campaign

Capturing customer products before and after using Transmet media provided valuable content to share on Twitter and LinkedIn (pictured below).

Transmet Company LinkedIn Page

In 2017, visitors from Twitter spent 6min 4sec on site and visitors from LinkedIn spent 7min 13sec on site. While the percentage of traffic was small, this was much higher time spent than traffic coming from other sources.

Below are 5 examples of the before and after images shared on Twitter and LinkedIn; often linking back to a product page or video.

Transmet Before and After Example 1

Transmet Before and After Example 2

Transmet Before and After Example 3

Transmet Before and After Example 4

Transmet Before and After Example 5


PDF Case Studies

In order to pull information from the Sales Engineer into valuable content, we produced PDF Case Studies, highlighting successes and failures we encountered with our customers. These lightweight, optimized PDFs could then be shared with specific job titles and companies that would realize the value in them.

Below are 6 examples of the case study content added to the Transmet website, and shared in emails and targeted outreach.


Updated Blog Content

We utilized the Transmet company blog (WordPress) to educate and inform current customers, and provide value to potential customers around the industry. We shared a balance of company news and product application information.


Organic Traffic Growth Results

In 2017, website users grew 412%, from ~500 monthly users in January to ~9,000 in December.

Transmet Monthly Website Users 2017


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