Growing the DreamCartel Instagram Account


The DreamCartel Instagram account was established in 2013 alongside Andy Ash (writer, creator, IG wizard) and Nic Ruebel (graphic designer).

52 Perspectives

Each week our team dove deep into a guiding perspective on life; sharing 1 “perspective” a week for 52 weeks. We collected quotes from different time periods, gathered ideas from around the world, and created our own take on each topic.

Our build process and editorial planning resulted in 9 individual Instagram posts coming together as one. DreamCartel was one of the first accounts on Instagram to execute this idea.

Below are 4 examples of completed perspectives, where all 9 posts from the week come together as 1.

DreamCartel Week 36 on Instagram: Intelligence

DreamCartel Week 41 on Instagram: Purpose

DreamCartel Week 46 on Instagram: Gratitude

DreamCartel Week 51 on Instagram: Attention


Growth Results

I am so proud of the work we accomplished on this side project while finishing our respective degrees. The DreamCartel Instagram grew followers at 4% weekly and engagements at 11% weekly.

Andy and Nic took the account to the next level after we surpassed 10,000 followers (organic) and it sits just under 17,000 followers in 2019.

DreamCartel Instagram account in 2019


Below are links to the first post of each week. Post 1 included our definition and set the tone for the 8 posts that followed.


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