My Personal User Guide for Improving Trust and Communication


I found this tool on Product Hunt that helps you create a Personal User Guide to help others get along with you better. According to Gijs Heerkens, “the objective of a personal user guide is to speed up trust and effective communication in your life. At your work, for job applications or during job interviews. And, why not, at home, with your partner, your friends or within your sports team.”

Personal User Guide by Gijs Heerkens on Product Hunt

I have copied my results below. If you decide to use the tool, you can view my user guide from your perspective by visiting


Josh Beard’s Personal User Guide

I am someone who has a preference for new situations and ideas, but I do not start them myself. I appreciate a certain amount of variation in my work. In daily life you can see that I am:

  • looking for innovation when there is need to
  • striking a balance between the new and the existing
  • reasonably imaginative
  • overall moderate

On the flip side I can sometimes be seen as:

  • not really creative or curious
  • selectively interested in new ideas
  • moderately interested in art


I am a person who focuses on improving personal performance and achieving good results. In daily life you can see that I am:

  • working hard
  • consistent and dependable
  • wanting to achieve my objectives
  • persevering in order to successfully finish my duties

On the other hand I can also be seen as:

  • acting in a bossy manner
  • behaving like a workaholic
  • being compulsive every now and again


I am someone who is reserved and serious and prefers to work alone. I do not easily express myself unless encouraged by others. In daily life you can see that I am:

  • pretty much on my own
  • being serious most of the times
  • being quiet when with others
  • preferring writing over speaking

On the flip side I can be seen as:

  • seldomly looking for company
  • sometimes seen as being slow
  • not into excitement


I am a person who is sensitive to the needs of others. I look for a compromise when interests are conflicting. In general you can see that I am:

  • tolerant towards people and situations
  • inclined to help others
  • often conforming to the group
  • quickly emotional

On the other hand I can also be seen as:

  • conforming too easily
  • too dependent on others or situations, for feeling well
  • conflict averse


I am someone who is calm and not easily affected or disturbed by external factors. Overall I respond calmly and rationally to stressful and emotional events. In general you can see that I am:

  • secure and calm under stressful conditions
  • in focus
  • steady and dependable
  • stress free and hard to discourage

On the flip side I can be seen as:

  • too laid back
  • unaware of or indifferent to others and situations
  • insensitive, even tunnel-visioned


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