New Backlit Trade Show Display Booth


At the beginning of 2017, after a company rebrand and new logo, it was time to update the trade show display booth in use for over a decade. This booth traveled with our Sales Engineer to 4-5 shows every year and sees thousands of show attendees.

Before and After

Our goal was to focus on the new logo and surround it with product photography. The backlit 8’ x 10’ display would attract the eye more than the charts and text that covered the old booth. Below is a before and after picture of the booth.

Trade Show Display Booth Before and After


Project Partners

This was one of the larger projects I had handled as Marketing Manager at Transmet Corporation and I could not have done it without my project partners.

A big thank you to Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio for the quality display, great service, and guidance throughout. Thank you to Jenna Kendle for the graphic design work and creative direction. This was a very large file to work with and we could not have done it without her. Thank you to Nick Fancher in Columbus, Ohio for the product photography.

Below is the final proof sent for print.

Trade Show Display Booth Artwork Proof


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