Pardot Email Marketing Program Results


Main idea for the Transmet Email Subscriber Newsletter in 2017: Quality, not quantity.

We moved from iContact to Pardot to better integrate with Salesforce. I developed new templates to open anywhere and read easily, even in Outlook (shoutout Litmus). One newsletter a month for one year.


As Marketing Manager at Transmet Corporation, I took over full control of the Email Marketing program they started in 2013. I had written a lot of copy and assisted with HTML Email Templates in the past, but this would be my first chance to build campaigns from start to finish.

I took the same mobile-friendly approach to Email Development as I saw working in Web Development, and made top-of-the-line email templates using industry pros like Litmus for help.

I was not comfortable sending mass emails to our entire list, unsegmented, without double-opt-in, so I didn’t. Instead, I only mailed to the leads that had interacted with us in the past.

Data Validation

In order to be certain our emails would get delivered to people, I used D&B and Salesforce to Clean and Validate all our data. It’s known that a certain percentage of data goes stale every year and it was important to stay on top of. HuBuCo proved a great resource.

Email Marketing Program Results

The email marketing program at Transmet Corporation saw great improvement in 2017.

  • Open Rate grew 40%
  • Click Rate grew 72%
  • Deliverability went from 96% to 99%


Email Newsletter Examples

Below are 3 examples of email newsletters sent to subscribers of Transmet Corporation in 2017.

New Video: Air Blast Cabinet Visibility

View PDF: Email Newsletter Example 1


NAM Manufacturers' Outlook Survey

View PDF: Email Newsletter Example 2


Maintaining Consistent Surface Finish on Delicate Parts

View PDF: Email Newsletter Example 3


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