Producing Videos to Show Products In Use


For many of our successes, the aha! moment came for the prospect when they saw a video of our products being used in a manufacturing process.

For the first time ever, we cut a hole in our machine and installed a glass window; allowing a look inside the machine in use. This would be like putting a glass window on your dishwasher.

Transmet Blast Machine Window Cutout


Educating With Video

It was like magic being able to see inside the machine. We utilized this window to film tests for customers, show successful product applications, and learn how certain settings affected the process in real-time.

Often this was the piece of content that could be passed around the decision makers and click with more than one. With the amount of customer testing we did every month, we started to have a lot of video content.

A majority of the videos were shared privately with potential customers, but we also shared video on the Transmet YouTube Channel, pictured below.

Transmet YouTube Channel with Custom Thumbnails


Product Use Videos

Our YouTube videos received 7,200 views in 2017 (124% growth vs 2016). Below are 5 examples of video showing our products in use, filmed through the glass windows on our machines.


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