Removing Duplicate Content and Improving User Flow


At the end of 2016, I made three important changes to the Transmet Corporation website. Two of our products had duplicate pages serving the same purpose with the same content. Depending on where a user navigated from, they could see either page.

Not only was this confusing to the user but detrimental to search traffic. I set out to improve the flow of how visitors would learn about our products.

Updating the Products Page

The Transmet Products page was a key page on our site. It was through here that visitors would navigate to more detailed descriptions of each product.

Before, this page was classified by the process used to produce the product (2 methods to produce 4 products). This made sense internally, but to outsiders it was confusing.

Products Page Before

Transmet Products Page Before


To solve this, I displayed all 4 products our company produced, with pictures for each. This was more specific and made more sense than expecting the user to know how each product was produced.


Products Page After

Transmet Products Page After


Combining Duplicate Pages

With an updated Products page, it was time to combine the duplicate pages serving the same purpose. The two products below each had two pages displaying duplicate information:

I completed the necessary redirects and disavows to ensure all traffic would point to one version of each product page.


Traffic Growth Results

In 2017 (compared to 2016), pageviews grew:

  • 148% for the Products page
  • 182% for the Cast Zinc Shot page
  • 95% for the Cast Aluminum Shot page


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